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Pumpkin Minnow - Micro Swim Jig

Pumpkin Minnow - Micro Swim Jig

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The Micro Swim Jig is a great little micro finesse jig for all Panfish, Crappie and Creek Bass.  This is a stealthy little jig and works great with Ultra Finesse Presentations.  The Micro Swim Jig is tied sparse with extra fine skirt material, this maximizes movement without adding unnecessary bulk.

Below are the most popular trailer options:
2" Crappie Floppers
1.5" & 2" Rip Shad
2.25" Split Tail Minnow
2" Slim Shad

Size #04 - 1/16oz - Custom Powder Coated with 3D Eyes

100% Premium Silicone Skirts (No Fillers)

Hand Tied in USA

1 Per Pack