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Micro Spin Jigs

USA Hand Tied Custom Micro Spin Jigs

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Dragon Slayer

The "Secret" Topwater Bass and Panfish Bait!

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Mixed Color Assorted Packs

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Moondog Bait Co.

At Moondog Bait Co, we specialize in custom soft plastics for Panfish, Crappie, Bass, Walleye, Perch and Trout. We offer one of the largest selections of micro baits for ultra finesse, micro finesse and BFS (bait finesse system) styles of fishing. We make several different styles of micro sized, baitfish style paddletail swim baits and curly tails which are some of the most effective finessse fishing baits on the market. Our baits excel at fooling heavily pressured fish.

We are also known for our wide selection of bug baits. Everything from dragonflies, scuds, stoneflies, hellgrammites, nymphs, larva and more! Our website is a ultralight/BFS fisherman's paradise! Moondog Baits are very popular with ice fisherman. Many of the bug baits and micro soft plastics are perfect for fooling picky crappie and panfish under the ice. We have hundreds of custom color option that can be found no where else but here! We also offer custom USA made jigs that go perfectly with our soft plastics!

Can't go wrong with these jigs, these flat out catch fish. Really loving the 2" shad body twister tails, Thanks.

Jerry M.

No shortage of color options here to choose from, I'm setting up a P.O. Box so my wife doesn't know how much I'm ordering.

Thomas M.

I am totally amazed at the number of fish I can put in the boat on just one jig body, these things are tough!!!

Shane B.