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New Topwater Dragon Slayer Dragonfly Video

The Dragon Slayer is a floating realistic soft plastic designed to be used as topwater dragonfly adult bait for Panfish and Bass. Panfish and Bass go absolutely nuts for this bait, and is one of the most realistic soft plastics you can use. There is also some Bass fishing footage at the end of the video, and we caught a couple good ones!. So much fun!!

The bait measures 2.75" long and is poured with a floating plastic to aid floatation. This bait is on the light side, and is best fished on a Ultralight with light mono line (#4-8LB).

Fishing Tips: Use a Light or Ultralight rod. Light Line is best, we tend to fish it on 6LB. Monofilament works best since is floats, as opposed to Fluorocarbon which sinks.