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Mighty Minnow - 1.8" Hybrid Style Micro Swimbait

The Mighty Minnow is a hybrid style swimbait. The Mighty Minnow blends the best action from both a micro swimbait and the tail twitch of a split-tail minnow. The scalloped tail section of the Mighty Minnow gives this little bait big action for such a small bait. The Mighty Minnow can be fished on the move either slow or fast. It can be fished on a dropshot, Micro Spy Jig, Micro Underspin, under a float or even slow twitched like a split-tail minnow. It can also be used as a trailer option on our Micro Swim Jigs or Micro Spin Jigs. Anyway you fish it, the Mightly Minnow is pure panfish candy!