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Micro Finesse Tungsten Dropshot Weights

Our Tungsten Micro Finesse Dropshot Weights are specifically sized for our style of baits and micro finesse fishing style. Made of tungsten, these are much denser than lead and smaller in size. They are also more sensitive. Tungsten is much harder than lead, meaning you can detect subtle feedback off the bottom. The 1/32 and 3/64oz sizes are great for panfish. The small size works great on our micro baits and are very sensitive. They enter the water much softer, spooking less fish. The 1/16 and 3/32oz sizes are a great all purpose micro finesse size. Good for deeper water and even "swimming" our micro paddle tail baits. Great for Bass, Crappie, Large Panfish, Perch and Trout. Best fished on a ultralight or light spinning rod with light line (2-6LB test). Matte Black Finish