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2" Shad Stinger Tails

2" Shad Stinger Tails are the perfect size and action that big crappies are looking for. 2" Shad Stinger Tails are great fished on a small jig head, underneath a float. They can also be fished on a drop shot and even on a Beetle Spin! The 2" Shad Stinger Tail is also great for ice fishing. Ice fisherman love our custom colors, which can be found no where else! I also forgot to mention hook sizing in the video. I have the bait on a Size #6 Hook - 1/32oz Jig. You could get away with a #04 or even a #08. The dropshot hook I like is a #02 or #04 Owner Mosquito Hook. Anything similar or close would also work just fine!